Contract Manufacturing


As a novelty delivery system that enhances the nutritional value and sensory experience of foods, we take pride of our unique intellectual property and out-of-the-box approach to today's challenges to finding disruptive technologies and effective food platforms that maximize the absorption and bioavailability of ingredients by the human body while allowing controlled delivery of high value nutritional micronutrients, nutraceuticals, and bioactives.

Our Product Development efforts are focused on continuing to solidify our IP and expand our portfolio of products under our current 4noguilt® and future brands as well as continuing to offer contract manufacturing capabilities to develop and manufacture products to our customers specifications.

Our in-house R&D team with its vast knowledge in biochemistry, nutrition, product formulation and cutting edge approach is what keeps companies from multiple fields wanting to explore possibilities with us.

We are ready and committed to make your project a success. Let us manufacture your next chocolate, chocolate based supplement, functional and/or medical food using our 100% xylitol chocolate delivery platform*. Whether you are interested in one of our formulas, have your own, or wish to jointly develop a new one, we welcome the opportunity to becoming your exclusive Chococeutical Way of Life ® Delivery System.

How about using our chocolate matrix as a coating for your protein bars? Or let our chocolate base be the functional component of your final product by adding specific ingredients to it so you can use it like chips, chunks, or simply melt it and have fun with it?

Our business model stays focus on a portion control; solid chocolate bars that are individually wrapped and into multiple packaging concepts.

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