Company Overview

Healthy Chocolate Florida, LLC is a specialty nutrition, chocolate and chocolate based nutritional supplements, manufacturing and marketing company with cutting-edge, in -house R&D capabilities to develop wellness, 4NOGUILT® branded products as well as Private Labels.

We have exclusive rights to the use of a novelty, proprietary, patent pending chocolate manufacturing process that uses birch wood Xylitol as its sole sweetener.

All manufacturing is done in a FDA registered and cGMP compliant facility. The plant has also achieved Non-GMO Project verified status for several products manufactured as well as is Kosher Certified.

A novelty approach:

A dark chocolate delivery system. Made with Fair Trade certified organic cacao ingredients, 100% Xylitol sweetened, Sugar Free, low glycemic and diabetic safe, All ergen Free (from all 8 major allergens), Vegan Non -GMO Project Verified, and Kosher.

As more consumers look for clean, healthier, enriched, close to nature alternatives for their daily foods, snacks and supplements, 8g solid chocolate bars in a stand up pouch concept allows for a portion control  for everyday’s on -the-go life.

A clean, indulgent food platform that allows for greater bioavailability and absorption of nutrients.

More than chocolates and chocolate based supplements, we provide a Way of Life,

The Chococeutical Way of Life®